Embody the truth of your light.

Heal From Within

We are living in a time of great change. We are being called to evolve beyond our limiting beliefs and habits, and step into the river of transformation. My role as an energetic guide and healer is to help you see the energies you may be holding onto that are not serving you, and help you release them so you can create your life with more confidence and clarity.

I work with a blend of intuitive energy reading and powerful energy healing to support your highest embodied healing experience. I am here to facilitate transformation in your life and illuminate the alignment you hold with the truth of your own knowing, and the wisdom of your own soul. My purpose is to support you in releasing the stagnant and stuck emotional energies your body and spirit may be holding onto so you are able to embody the fullest expression of your innate divine light.

I am a trained clairvoyant psychic, multidimensional energy healer, and Usui Reiki Master. I started studying Clairvoyance and Psychic Development through the Berkeley Psychic Institute to hone my abilities starting in 2020. I graduated from the Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program as a Reverend through The Church of Divine Man, and have consecrated my gifts in service to the healing and awakening of humanity.

I offer Clairvoyant Psychic Readings and Reiki Lightbody Energy Healing sessions to support people on their spiritual and healing path. I also offer 1:1 customized Psychic Development Ascension Training to help activate your awareness of the spiritual technology within you and your ability to align with your own multidimensional nature fully. This 1:1 Mentorship Training is called “MultiDimensional Ascension Mastery” and is now open for enrollment. This is a four month mentorship training to empower your embodied Spiritual Ascension journey and align with your Divine Mission. 

Multidimensional Ascension Mastery

4 month weekly Psychic Development, Spiritual Healing, and Ascension Training Mentorship

-Psychic Development Training, Clairvoyant Psychic Reading, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Higher Self Alignment through self-healing and embodying your Multidimensional Nature and direct connection to Source.


Weekly 90 minute Source Channeled psychic readings and multidimensional spiritual development coaching sessions.

Advanced spiritual practices to catalyze your soul embodiment and gain confidence in who you are as a Divine Spirit in human form.

Energetic mastery in your ability to align with your highest timeline and destined path through psychically clearing karma, updating spiritual contracts, releasing trauma/foreign energy and anchoring in the light of your Higher Self into your whole being.

Self-Healing psychic tools to initiate you into Spiritual Alchemical Healing.

Psychic Development Training to discover your truth and take aligned action steps on your spiritual path.

Live In-Person Option or Remotely over Zoom or Phone.

Please email SacredLightAlchemy@gmail.com

Psychic & Healing

Book a Clairvoyant Reading or Reiki Lightbody Aura Healing session.

Readings and healings are available in-person as well as remotely over zoom.

In-person session location at my home healing studio in San Anselmo, California.

Reiki Lightbody Aura Healing

Powerful and gentle energy healing with an intuitive blend of Reiki and Lightbody Aura Healing, I work with angelic healing guides that help facilitate specific healing for you and what you would like healing on. All healings help to balance chakras, release chords, negative emotions, trauma and pain energy. This healing also helps to repair and cleanse your auric field Lightbody, and supports your well-being on every level - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed, restored and softly glowing from within.

Reiki sessions are 90 minutes long.

Clairvoyant Psychic Soul Activation Reading

Clairvoyant Reading:
Are you Interested in understanding more about
where you are on your spiritual path?
Are you processing or navigating something in your life that you need support with? Bring any questions you may have about your life, relationships, big decisions, interests, past lives, health, healing, and more.
This is a very deep session for Spiritual Guidance that activates greater soul consciousness within you and facilitates healing for your body. mind, and Spirit.

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings are 60 minutes long.

You are invited to join this bi-monthly online Psychic Development ceremony facilitated by Hannah Bourke, hosted through Ora Source.

This is a circle devoted to the Healing and Empowerment of our sacred Intuitive nature. This virtual ceremony is focused on psychic development and self-healing through powerful guided psychic meditations, activations of your intuitive awareness, and sound healing.

The next ceremony takes place Wednesday, June 19th at 7pm. More information and tickets are available in the Eventbrite Invitation linked below.

This Psychic Self-Healing Ceremony happens twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.

The 1st Wednesday of every month is open to women only, the 3rd Wednesday of every month is open to everyone.

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Client Feedback From Clairvoyant Psychic Readings & Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions:

Mystic Folk Music

Spiritual healing through music

Hannah Bourke weaves soul consciousness into songs of awakening, healing, and the spiritual nature of reality. Her mystic folk style comes straight from the heart and is sung in devotion to Gaia, The Divine Mother, and all life. The stories she sings with her guitar will take you on a journey deep within yourself.

Humble Like The Jungle (LIVE)

This song is a call to action for all the seers, healers, and spiritual warriors within each of us to come together in service to the divine and all life.

Earth's Daughter (LIVE)

I am swift as the wind blows              

I am holy fire

I am pure as water

I am Earth’s Daughter

Humble Like The Jungle - Official Music Video

Official Music Video for Humble Like The Jungle. Written and Performed by Hannah Bourke. Directed by Sean Lim.

Visual Artwork by Hannah Bourke

Fine Art Prints are available in various sizes.

Please email SacredLightAlchemy@gmail.com for inquiries and to purchase work directly.



Image pictured to the right:

“Visions of Sophia”


Oil on Canvas

“Hieros Gamos”


Woodblock Relief Print

“Sacred Undulations”


Oil on Wood


“Sun Worship”


Woodblock Relief Print

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